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Health Insurance Marketplaces   Medical Care Expense Assistance   Breastfeeding Support Programs
Medicaid   Dental Care Expense Assistance   Prenatal Care
Medicare   Prescription Expense Assistance   Postpartum Care

Children's State/Local Health Insurance Programs

Medicaid Information/Counseling        
General Acute Care Hospitals   Physical Therapy   Pregnancy Testing
City/County Hospitals   Speech Therapy   Abortion Referrals
Children's Hospitals   Disability/Rehabilitation Related Occupational Therapy   Birth Control Counseling
Specialty Hospitals   Respiratory Therapy   Contraception
Hospital-Based Outpatient Services   Inpatient Rehabilitation   Emergency Contraception
Community Clinics   Autism Therapy   Natural Family Planning
Public Clinics   Day Rehabilitation   Sterilization
Private Clinics   Brain Injury Rehabilitation   Pregnancy Counseling
Women's Health Centers   Independent Living Skills Instruction   Teen Family Planning Programs
Urgent Care Centers        
Dental Screening   Adult Diabetes Management Clinics   Glasses/Contact Lenses
General Dentistry   AIDS/HIV Clinics   Hearing Aids
Pediatric Dentistry   Tuberculosis Clinics   Specialized Telecommunications Equipment
Geriatric Dentistry   Cancer Clinics   Wheelchairs/Wheeled Mobility
Special Care Dentistry       Daily Living Aids
Mobile Dental Care       Blind Mobility Aids
Emergency Dental Care       Walking Aids
Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery       Orthopedic/Orthotic Devices
        Prosthetic Devices
Personal Health Care Advocate Services   Sexually Transmitted Disease Screening   Immunizations
General Health Education Programs   HIV Testing    
Safer Sex Education   Blood Pressure Screening    
AIDS/HIV Prevention Counseling        


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